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Micro & Ultra Portable
High-performance, cost-effective projector offers easy,
multifunction operation perfect for business and education.

  • DVI input connector (DVI-I) and HDCP compatible (VT700 / VT695 and VT595 only)
  • Auto Vertical Keystone Correction (VT700 / VT695 and VT595 only)
  • Very quiet operation
  • Quick start & quick cool down
  • Wall Colour Correction
  • Built-in speaker (5W for VT700 / VT695 / VT595 and 1W for VT590 / VT491 / VT59 / VT49)
  • Security function
DVI input connector (DVI-I) and HDCP compatible (VT700 / VT695 and VT595 only)
With the DVI-I input connector (DVI-I), the projector can display digital RGB images. By using the DVI-RGB adapter, analogue RGB signals can be connected from two computers.
Quick start & quick cool down
Quick start & quick cool down Eight seconds after turning on the power, the projector is ready to display PC or video images. Powering down, the fans stop 30 seconds after turning off the power from the remote control or cabinet control panel. The projector can be stored immediately after powering down. The main power for the projector can be turned off by either pressing the main power switch or by unplugging the power cable, even during the cool down period after the projector is turned off.
Auto Vertical Keystone Correction adjusts the trapezoidal distortion to correct the projected image(VT700 / VT695 and VT595 only)
If the position of the screen is too high or low, the projector must be installed at an angle, resulting in trapezoidal distortion of the projected images. The acceleration sensor built into the main unit senses the inclination of the unit in the vertical direction and then corrects for any trapezoidal distortion in the
projected image automatically to project square images (+/- 30 degrees from the projection angle). Projector setup is quick and easy as manual correction is not necessary. Manual vertical Keystone Correction is available on the VT590/VT491/VT59/VT49.
Auto Vertical Keystone Correction
Wall Colour Correction for vivid images even without a screen
Without a screen, projected images are affected because of the colour of the wall or blackboard you are projecting on to. The built-in colour correction for projecting images on a coloured wall or blackboard in this projector means that the colour tones of the projected image is approximate to those that are projected on to a white screen. The following eight colour options are available
: blackboard, blackboard (gray), light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose, and pink.
Wall Colour Correction
Very quiet operation in Eco Mode
Eco Mode operation drops projector noise to 25 dB for very quiet operation (VT59/VT49) and extends the lamp replacement period up to a maximum of 4000 hours (VT59/VT49). In this mode, total cost of ownership can be effectively reduced. The projector can be put in to Eco Mode very easily with a button on the remote control. LAMP MODE
Auto start
Turns the projector on automatically when the power cable is inserted into an active power outlet. This eliminates the need to use the POWER button on the remote control or projector cabinet. *To use Auto Start, first set the main power switch to "On" before plugging in the power cable.
Built-in speaker for integrated audio solutions
The built-in monaural speaker (5W for VT700/VT695/VT595 and 1W for VT590/VT491/VT59/VT49) on the main unit outputs audio from computer, video, and S-video inputs.
Security function prevents unauthorized use or theft
Password access prevents unauthorized use of the projector. Once the security function is activated, a message requesting the password is displayed when the power of the main unit is turned on. It is not possible to project an image unless the correct password is entered.
Carrying handle for easy transport
The supplied carrying handle can be installed on the main unit for easy transportation. (VT700/VT695/VT595/VT590/VT491 only)
Remote Mouse Operation
You can use the supplied wireless remote control and the optional remote mouse receiver to control your PC from across the room. The optional remote mouse receiver (NP01MR) supports almost any PC with a USB connection. NP01MR(Option)
The optional remote mouse receiver (NP01MR)
High Altitude Mode
The high altitude mode, allows operation of the projector in low air pressure / high altitudes, eg. venues located over 1,600m above sea level.(VT700)
  • Supports component signals
  • Preset function for setting and storing your favorite colour settings
  • HDTV (1080i, 720p) and SDTV (576p, 480p) compatibility
  • Short focal length lens
Model Resolution Brightness Zoom Computer Input Speaker
VT700 XGA 3000 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog with DVI-I 5W
VT695 XGA 2500 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog with DVI-I 5W
VT595 XGA 2000 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog with DVI-I 5W
VT590 XGA 2000 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog 1W
VT491 SVGA 2000 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog 1W
VT59 XGA 1600 ANSI lumens Manual Zoom Analog 1W
VT49 SVGA 1600 ANSI lumens Digital Zoom Analog 1W
Terminal Panel
Terminal Panel:VT700/VT695/VT595
Terminal Panel:VT590/VT59/VT49
Terminal Panel:VT491
Manual Zoom
Digital Zoom
Manual Zoom:VT700/695/595/590/491/59 Digital Zoom:VT49
Soft Case
(basic accessory)
Soft Case Replacement lamp
NP05LP (VT700)

Replacement lamp:NP05LP
Replacement lamp
VT85LP (VT695/VT595/VT590/VT491)
VT80LP (VT59/VT49)
Replacement lamp:VT85LP/VT80LP
Throwing Distance and Screen Size
Remote Control
Model codes, specifications and available options may differ by region.
For detailed information, please contact the NEC sales company or dealer in your area.

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