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NC1600C NC1600C NC1600C
NC1600C NC1600C NC1600C
  NC1600C NC1600C
NEC’s NC1600C with state of the art technology is best suited for Medium Size Screens up to 20 metres(65ft)*6 wide
  For medium-sized screens,the NEC NC1600C digital cinema projector delivers high quality output and ease of operation. Managers can set lens position and lamp output using memory functions, and perform lamp changes easily from the back of projector. Other features include optional touch screen control, auto lamp brightness control, and compatibility with most standard film projector lamps. *5
Suitable for screens up to 20M (65ft) *3*6
Precise 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution
High contrast 2000:1 images
Easy to operate
- Industry's FIRST memory functions for lens zoom, position/focus and lamp output *4
- Industry's FIRST lamp changes from the back of projector *1
- Direct selection buttons for 8 stored projector configurations
- Projector can be controlled from an optional touch screen
- Auto lamp brightness control
- Standard Film projector lamps can be used *5 (requires adapter available from NEC)
- Built-in webserver allows basic control from any web browser
Minimal maintenance
- DLP chip shielding prevents dust, oil and smoke particles from settling on DLP chip
- Self-contained liquid cooling system - no external reservoir
*1 Among DLP Cinema Projectors, according to a survey conducted by NEC in June, 2007.
*2 Integrated-type" means projector head and lamp power supply unit are integrated in the projector.
*3 Subject to installation conditions.
*4 Various aspect ratios and corresponding brightness levels can be stored and retrieved automatically.
*5 Compatible third-party film projector lamps are listed on here.
*6 This can be achieved under the below instllation conditions.
1) At screen gain 1.8/14ft-1
2) Use NEC high efficiency 4.0Kw lamp bulb "NC-16LP401"

Projection method 3-chip DLP chip reflection method
DLP chip specification Size, Type, Resolution 0.98", 12° tilt angle, 2048 x 1080 pixels
Light Output*1 17,000 ANSI Lumens*2
Supported screen sizes minimum
-at screen gain 1.3 / 14ft-l  5 meters (16 feet) *3

-at screen gain 1.8 / 14ft-l 20 meters(65 feet) *2
-at screen gain 1.3 / 14ft-l 17 meters (56 feet) *2
Contrast ratio 2200 : 1 or above (full on / off)
Primary lenses 1.3 to 1.75:1 "NC-60LS13Z" *4 (Note : select according to
magnifications of
installation environment)
1.75 to 2.4:1 "NC-60LS17Z"
2.4 to 3.9:1 "NC-60LS24Z"
Lamp bulbs NEC 4kw Xenon lamp bulbs
 ・ NEC 4.0kW High efficiency lamp bulb "NC-16LP401"
 ・ NEC 4.0kW long life lamp bulb "NC-16LP402"
(30% darker output/appx 200% longer life than NC-16LP401)
*NEC recommends the use of NC-16LP401 in order to maximize luminance efficiency
**NEC 4.0kW High efficiency lamp bulb "NC-16LP401" packed in the projector at the shipment of factory
Standard 2kw / 3kw film lamp bulbs *5
(4kw film lamps cannot be used for NC1600C)
DLP Cinema functions CineLinkTM, CineCanvasTM, CinePaletteTM, CineBlackTM
Lens adjustment functions Motorized focus, zoom, horizontal/vertical shift, light shutter(dowser)
*Range of motorized shift is dependent on lens
Cooling method ·Liquid cooling system inside, Air cooling system with dust preventing electro-static filter.
· Total thermal dissipation:18767BTU
(Input 4kW power to NEC 4.0kW lamp bulb)
· Projector exhaust : 150CFM (cubic foot per minute)
· Demand of exhaust : 565CFM (cubic foot per minute)
Fan noise Less than 63 dB
Power supply voltage 200 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, single phase
*Power cord not included in the projector package and shall be procured by exhibitors
Rated input current 30A Max
Power consumption 5500W (T.B.D)
Environment Operational
10°C to 35°C( 41°F to 95°F), humidity : 10% to 80% (non- condensing)
-10°C to 50°C(14°F to 122°F), humidity : 10% to 80% (non-condensing)
  <Safety> <EMC>
USA UL60950 FCC Class A
Canada CSA60950 ICES-003 Class A
Europe EN60950 EN55022 1998 Class A
Oceania IEC60950 AS/NZS 3548 Class A
1995+A 1/2:1997
Japan J60950 VCCI Class A
Asia EN60950 CISPR Pub22
External dimensions Projector : 700(W) x 990(D) x 503(H) (mm)
27.6 (W) x 39.0(D) x 19.8 (H) (inch)
*Excluding lens, lens hood and exhaust stack.
Weight Projector : Approx.99kg / 218 lb
*Excluding lens and removable handle.
*1 Measured at center screen
*2 This can be achieved under using NEC high efficiency 4.0Kw lamp bulb "NC-16LP401"
*3 Subject to installation conditions.
*4 Anamorphic lens cannot be used with following primary lenses due to the limitation of the anamorphic lens
(for NC1600C)
1.3 to 1.75 : 1 zoom "NC-60LS13Z"
For Cinema Scope (CS) display with usage of above primary lenses, please use "scaling" function by masking top and bottom side of the screen without anamorphic lens.
If actual lens magnifications for CS display doesn't fit the attached primary lens,
please change into a primary lens fittable for CS display.
*5 Compatible third-party film projector lamps are listed on here.
Input/output terminals
Type Name Description Quantity
Input Terminals HDSDI port BNC 2
DVI port DVI-digital 2
PC card slot For compact flash memory
card or wireless LAN card


LAN port RJ-45 2
USB port Type A 1
Serial port(RS-232C) D-sub (9-pin) 1
General Purpose Input / Output D-sub (37-pin) 1
Remote control connector Stereo mini 1
Standard supplied accessories
Remote control unit
  Cable for remote control unit (16 m / 629 inch)
  User's manual
  Film lamp adapter, for 2.0kw / 3.0kw film projector lamp bulbs
   *Lens adapter is built in the NC1600C primary lenses
Optional accessories
Pedestal for NC2500S and NC1600C projection head "NC-PD02"
  Air filter for replacement "NC-16AF01"
   *This air filter should be replaced whenever a new lamp bulb is replaced.
  Touch panel controller "NC-TP6402" & Holder arm "NC-TH6402"
  Lamp house
   *Not lamp house, but reflector (supplied as Service part from NECDS)
  Anamorphic lens x1.25 "AL 1.25-E" motorized anamorphic turret "NC-AT02"
  Multi-Media Switcher for alternative content
  Built-in type Multi-Media Switcher with Video input & Analogue RGB input "MM2000B"
   *Standalone type Multi-Media switcher with Video input & Analogue RGB input "MM2000"
    【Optional input Board for Multi-Media Switcher】
  • Single HD / SDI Input Board "MM-SDI-E"
  • DVI-D Input board (Dual link) "MM-DVI-E"
  • HDCP Compliant DVI-D Input board (single link) "MM-70DV01"
  • Analogue RGB Input Board "MM-RGB-E"
  • Video Input Board "MM-VIDEO-E"
・Pedestal for NC1600C shall not be supplied by NEC.
  Film lamp adapter, for 3.0kw film projector lamp bulbs "NC-25CL02"
   Compatible third-party film projector lamp bulbs
*1 Standard supplied accessories and Optional accessories are subject to change without notice.

System configuration
system configuration

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